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  • Do you live/work in our service area? You can enroll with TakeCare if you live/work on Guam, the CNMI, or Palau.
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If you need help enrollment help, please refer to OPM’s FEHB Guidance links in the box to the right or contact us at (671) 647-3526, customerservice@takecareasia.com

Refer to the videos and information below to review TakeCare’s 2021 plan options, enrollment codes, premiums and costs, and to access other important information.



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TakeCare adds GRMC to its provider network
TakeCare has signed a long-term agreement with Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC) effective May 21, 2021. Under the agreement, TakeCare’s federal and commercial members now have in-network access to GRMC’s full range of medical services on Guam including cardiology, oncology/hematology, hyperbaric wound care, neurology, orthopedics, pulmonology, infectious disease, and other services such as, but not limited to, radiology, patient education, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and emergency services.


Benefit Improvements for 2021

Here are the new benefit improvements being made to all three health plan options (High, Standard, and HDHP).

  • Emergency Services Notification – TakeCare is eliminating the requirement for members to contact TakeCare “within 48 hours” for emergency services rendered within the service area that do not result in hospitalization.

  • Weight Loss Medications – TakeCare is adding coverage for weight loss medications. Weight loss medications to be covered as any other medication subject to prior authorization and benefit coverage criteria such as but not limited to Body Mass Index and/or co-morbidities. 

  • Continuous Glucose Monitor – TakeCare is adding coverage for continuous glucose monitors at 100% with no charge to member if patient is actively participating in TakeCare’s Diabetes Management Program and meets criteria for coverage based on HbA1c levels. 

  • Preventive Medications – TakeCare is expanding its list of covered preventive medications with no charge for certain chronic conditions including diabetes, congestive heart failure, coronary and artery disease, osteoporosis, hypertension, asthma, depressions, heart disease, liver disease, and bleeding disorders. 

  • Telemedicine Services – TakeCare is expanding coverage for telemedicine services to include consultation visits via phone, audio and video services using a computer, tablet or smartphone with in-network primary care physicians and specialists, including behavioral health professionals.

Please note this is a summary of changes to the TakeCare FEHB plan options for 2021. This isn’t the official statement of benefits. Please refer to the plan brochure for the detail.


Non-Postal Bi-weekly Shares*


* Postal Categories 1 and 2 and monthly shares can be found on the back page of the brochure


2021 Benefits

The TakeCare Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for each of its 2021 Options and Uniform Glossary are available through the following links:


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