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You’ve got choices with TakeCare


Thank you for considering TakeCare for your health care needs. At TakeCare, we are committed to giving you choices while delivering quality and affordable health care benefits and services that’s focused on you and your family needs.

If you have questions about which TakeCare medical plan might be right for you, answering the following can help you choose a plan that might be the best fit.

  • What type of coverage will you need? See the benefit summaries below.
  • Is cost an important consideration? See the payroll deduction amounts below.
  • Will you need in-network or out-of-network coverage? Check our Provider Search Tool to see if your doctor, dentist, or preferred facility is included in our extensive network, on or off island.
  • Are you taking any prescription drugs? Use our Rx Search Tool to see what you'll pay based on your TakeCare medical plan choice, benefit tier, and prescription dosage.
  • Looking to better manage your health? Click here to learn more about our extensive list of free wellness and health education classes
  • Interested in earning money by completing recommended health screenings, making health improvements, or going to the gym regularly with free access to a choice of 20 different gyms? Click here for details.

Refer to the videos and information below to review TakeCare’s 2023 plan options, enrollment codes, premiums and costs, and to access other important information


2023 Benefit Overview


Chapter 1 - Introduction

01 Chapter Introduction


Chapter 2 - A Tan Holdings Company

02 Chapter A Tan Holdings Company


Chapter 3 - Elevating the Member / Patient Experience

03 Chapter Elevating the Member / Patient Experience


Chapter 4 - Key Performance Metrics

Chapter 4 - Key Performance Metrics


Chapter 5 - Member Testimony

05 Chapter Member Testimony


Chapter 6 - Provider Network

06 Chapter Provider Network


Chapter 7 - FHP Health Center

07 Chapter FHP Health Center


Chapter 8 - U.S. & Asia Network

08 Chapter U.S. & Asia Network


Chapter 9 - Philippine Network

09 Chapter Philippine network


Chapter 10 - Travel Allowance

10 Chapter Travel Allowance


Chapter 11 - Wellness Programs

11 Chapter Wellness Programs


Chapter 12 - Non-FEHB Supplemental Wellness Package

12 Chapter Non-FEHB Supplemental Wellness Package


Chapter 13 - Fitness Partners

13 Chapter Fitness Partners


Chapter 14 - TakeCare Self-Report Fitness Activity

14 Chapter TakeCare Self-Report Fitness Activity


Chapter 15 - TakeCare Online Tools

15 Chapter TakeCare Online Tools


Chapter 16 - Affinity Rewards

16 Chapter Affinity Rewards


Chapter 17 - FY 2023 Rate Shares

17 Chapter FY 2023 Rate Shares


Chapter 18 - Wrapping Up/Choose TakeCare

18 Chapter Wrapping Up/Choose TakeCare



Chapter 19 - How to Contact TakeCare

19 How to Contact TakeCare




Request for a 2023 FEHB Benefit Packet

Click here to request a TakeCare information packet including the 2023 brochure.


Need a new or replacement TakeCare ID Card?

Request for a new or replacement TakeCare Member ID card(s) at https://bit.ly/3ZG7CcI
Or, consider displaying your ID card on your mobile device using TakeCare’s mobile app. Learn more at https://bit.ly/3AdZmXm


Information Opportunities

Prefer to get your questions answered in person or want to pick up an information packet or drop off a form?

Our customer service offices are open in Tamuning and Garapan. For your safety and convenience, in-person visits by appointment is the preference but walk-ins are welcome.

Hours of operation are 8am to 5pm, Mondays – Fridays. The first hour (8am-9am) being reserved for manamko’ and those persons with disabilities.

To make an appointment in Tamuning, call us at (671) 647-3526 or via email at customerservice@takecareasia.com. For Garapan, call us at (670) 235-0994.

Or Click here to ask us a question or request for more information


Your Bi-weekly Payroll Deduction*

    Enroll Codes Your Bi-weekly Payroll Deduction Change 2023 vs 2022
HDHP Option     2022 2023  
  Self Only KX1 $14.11 $13.84 -$0.27
  Self Plus One KX3 $34.06 $33.40 -$0.66
  Self & Family KX2 $37.84 $37.10 -$0.74
Standard Option          
  Self Only JK4 $46.82 $50.91 $4.09
  Self Plus One JK6 $92.28 $100.35 $8.07
  Self & Family JK5 $132.60 $144.19 $11.59
High Option          
  Self Only JK1 $59.52 $65.17 $5.65
  Self Plus One JK3 $117.59 $128.74 $11.15
  Self & Family JK2 $141.97 $155.43 $13.46

* Effective January 1 2022, premium rate shares are the same for Non-Postal and Postal employees. Monthly shares can be found on the back page of the brochure.


2023 Benefit Plans

The TakeCare Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for each of its 2023 Options and Uniform Glossary are available through the following links:


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