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You’ve got choices with TakeCare

Thank you for considering TakeCare for your health care needs. At TakeCare, we are committed to giving you choices while delivering quality and affordable health care benefits and services that’s focused on you and your family needs.

If you have questions about which TakeCare medical or dental plan might be right for you, answering the following can help you choose a plan that might be the best fit.

  • What type of coverage will you need? See the benefit summaries below.
  • Is cost an important consideration? See the payroll deduction amounts below.
  • Will you need in-network or out-of-network coverage? Check our Provider Search Tool to see if your doctor, dentist, or preferred facility is included in our extensive network, on or off island.
  • Are you taking any prescription drugs? View our Rx Formulary List to see what medications are covered by the GovGuam self-funded prescription benefit plan for FY2023. You can also see what medications are not covered with recommended alternatives. Click here to view the plan’s benefits.
  • Are you interested in joining a gym? Choose from TakeCare’s 20 different fitness partners on Guam. Click Here for a full list.
  • Looking to better manage your health? Click here to learn more about our extensive list of free wellness and health education classes
  • Interested in earning money by completing recommended health screenings, making health improvements, going to the gym regularly? Earn up to $600 as an individual through our wellness incentive program. Click here for details.


Important Update - September 23, 2022

What are my options if I want to continue using the drug I’m currently covered for under SelectCare but it’s not on the TakeCare formulary?  Will TakeCare continue to cover that drug or do I have to go through the medically necessary process again?  

The GovGuam self-insured prescription benefit plan, administered by TakeCare, will cover that drug, beginning Oct 1,  for up to ninety (90) days with no disruption. During that time TakeCare will work with you and your medical provider to transition your medication to a  formulary drug. Exception requests will be considered for medical necessity if submitted to TakeCare by the provider within this 90-day period. If the exception request is not approved and you wish to continue with the same medication after the 90-day period,  you will be responsible for your related cost share (deductible, copayment) plus any expense in excess of the formulary medication’s cost.

Important Update – September 27, 2022

TakeCare Insurance will honor previously-approved (PA) services by Calvo’s SelectCare for members transitioning coverage under the Government of Guam medical plans effective October 1, 2022. Providers have been instructed to email a copy of the member’s SelectCare PA documentation to TakeCare Medical Management at by no later than October 31, 2022.


Important Reminder - October 25, 2022

Tools you can use to maximize your prescription benefits

Telephone Support
Have questions about your prescription coverage and/or benefits? You have direct 24/7 access to TakeCare’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager, Elixir Solutions, via its 100% US–based customer service team to help with questions about your prescription benefits. Call 1-800-361-4542 (TTY 711) for information about your Member ID, Group Number, BIN, copays, covered medications, pharmacies in your network, and much more.

Member Portal
The Elixir Member Portal gives you convenient, 24/7 access to your prescription benefits. If you haven’t registered, go to and click “Register” in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Elixir Mobile App
This free, easy-to-use app helps you conveniently manage your prescriptions from your mobile device, day or night. If you don’t already have the app, search for Elixir in your mobile device’s app store. Once you’ve downloaded the mobile app, open it and select “Create Account.”

Through Elixir's Member Portal and Mobile App, you can:

  • Review your coverage
  • Find in-network pharmacies
  • Discover ways to save
  • Get drug information and pricing
  • View your prescription claims history
  • Display or print your ID card
  • Get refill reminders


Request a GovGuam FY2023 Benefit Packet

Click here to request a TakeCare information benefit packet.
Refer to the videos and information below to review TakeCare’s GovGuam FY2023 plan options, cost shares, and to access other important information


FY2023 GovGuam Benefit Overview


[00:00] Chapter 1: TakeCare Introduction



00:41] Chapter 2: A Tan Holdings Company



[01:12] Chapter 3: Elevating the Member / Patient Experience



[01:40] Chapter 4: Key Performance Metrics



[02:14] Chapter 5: Member Testimony



[02:57] Chapter 6: Provider Network



[03:21] Chapter 7: FHP Health Center



[04:28] Chapter 8: U.S. & Asia Network



[05:04] Chapter 9: Philippine Network



[05:20] Chapter 10: Travel Allowance



[06:02] Chapter 11: Wellness Programs



[06:35] Chapter 12: Wellness & Fitness Incentive and Fitness Partners



[07:37] Chapter 13: TakeCare Self-Report Fitness Activity



[08:02] Chapter 14: TakeCare Online Tools



[08:42] Chapter 15: Affinity Rewards



[09:28] Chapter 16: Customer Service



[09:47] Chapter 17: FY 2023 Rate Shares



[14:10] Chapter 18: Wrapping Up



[15:36] Chapter 19: How to Contact TakeCare




Customer Service Office Hours

In addition, our customer service office is open in Tamuning. For your safety and convenience, in-person visits by appointment is the preference. 

Hours of operation during open enrollment are 8am to 5pm, Mondays – Fridays. The first hour (8am-9am) being reserved for manamko’ and those persons with disabilities. 

To make an appointment or call us at (671) 647-3526 or via email at to make appointment arrangements..


Payroll Deductions

Employee Rate Shares




Class 1

Employee Only




Class 2

Employee + Spouse/Domestic Partner




Class 3

Employee + Dependent Child(ren)




Class 4

Employee + Family 





Retiree Rate Shares






Class 1

Retiree Only





Class 2

Retiree + Spouse/Domestic Partner



2a 0.00


2b 194.44

Class 3

Retiree + Dependent Child(ren)





Class 4

Retiree + Family



4a 0.00


4b 452.41

1RSP Subscriber Classes
Class 1     RSP Subscriber Only
Class 2a   RSP Subscriber + RSP Spouse/Domestic Partner
Class 2b   RSP Subscriber + Non-Medicare Spouse/Domestic Partner
Class 3     RSP Subscriber + Non-Medicare Child(ren)
Class 4a   RSP Subscriber + RSP Spouse/Domestic Partner + Non-Medicare Child(ren)
Class 4b   RSP Subscriber + Non-Medicare Spouse/Domestic Partner and Child(ren)


FY2023 Benefit Plans

The TakeCare Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) for each of its FY2023 Plans are available through the following links:

Important Note: GovGuam's FY2023 Self-insured Prescription Benefit Coverage and Dental Coverage will be administered by TakeCare. Please refer to the separate booklets titled "Prescription Benefit Program" and “Dental Benefit Program” above for details.


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