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Newsletter Issue: April 2024
Hafa Health

Every other Wednesday in the Pacific Daily News, Dr. Vincent S. Duenas, an internal medicine physician at the FHP Health Center and chief medical officer at TakeCare Insurance Company, Inc, writes Wellness Wednesdays, a column offering suggestions to live a balanced lifestyle.

The 2023 Pika’s Best Family Physician, Dr. Duenas’ most recent columns are below and linked to the original columns at

If you have a question, you can contact Dr. Duenas via email at

Understanding autism spectrum disorder - April 10, 2024
Autism spectrum disorder, ASD, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects numerous children and adults globally. For many of us here in Guam, it’s something that hits close to home and a cause that I am deeply committed to. Gaining insight into ASD helps us understand its scope, prevalence, and societal impact. Particularly in the United States, current data suggests that one in every 36 children is diagnosed.
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The importance of regular diabetes check ups - April 24, 2024
Regular doctor visits are a critical part of diabetes maintenance and prevention. These routine health assessments offer a prime opportunity to monitor your health status closely, enabling early detection and management of potential disease related complications. Hemoglobin A1C levels, also known as glycated hemoglobin, serve as a key indicator of blood sugar control over the past two to three months. This test measures the percentage of your red blood cells that have sugar-coated hemoglobin.
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