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TakeCare Self-Report Fitness Activity

Newsletter Issue: August 2022
Balance Lifestyle

To earn fitness stamps through self-reported fitness activities, TakeCare Members must:

1.) Be eligible for fitness incentives through TakeCare’s Wellness and Fitness Incentives Program OR have a gym benefit through TakeCare.

2.) Complete at least 30 minutes of an approved activity:

  • Walk | Jog | Run
  • Bike
  • Swim
  • Row (ocean)

3.) Track your activity using one of the approved fitness apps:

4.) Upload a screenshot of your activity to and complete the validation form (*program restrictions apply)

Screenshots should include:

  • Clearly show exact date and time. Date posted as “TODAY”, “YESTERDAY”, etc will not be accepted.
  • Show type of activity
  • Display duration of activity
  • Include GPS mapping/tracing of activity

For more information call your Wellness Team at (671) 646-6956 ext 7260.