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A more inclusive way to communicate with TakeCare!

Newsletter Issue: October 2022
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TakeCare partners with translation/interpretation service, CommGap, to provide better communications services to members

In the past, TakeCare used bilingual employees to help with communicating with members who spoke Tagalog and Chamorro. This limited TakeCare to only two languages, and due to bilingual staffing constraints, this was not considered a permanent solution. 

CommGap provides translation/interpretation services for more than 200 languages, including Chamorro, Chinese, Chuukese, Japanese, Korean, Marshallese, Samoan, Tagalog, Taiwanese, via phone, video, and written documentation. This helps TakeCare better communicate with non-English speaking members, or those members using American sign language, when making requests or seeking assistance from the company. This also ensures TakeCare has a clear understanding of the member’s needs and not misunderstanding vital information.

These services are now available for use, on request, through TakeCare’s Customer Service. 

“Being able to communicate with our members is important.  Good communication ensures that TakeCare is accurately addressing member’s needs. The interpretation services provided by CommGap will help us accomplish this for our non-english speaking members or those who are hearing impaired,”said Arvin C. Lojo, TakeCare health plan administrator.  “Connecting with individuals in their specific language helps lessen confusion. Having an interpreter gives us the ability to communicate all necessary information to increase understanding and provide better care.”

CommGap International Language Services has been in business since 2000 with the mission to help companies bridge the cultural communication gap. A Certified Business Enterprise and HIPAA Compliant Company, CommGap has decades of experience, with staff and leadership having served on boards and committees of many of the leading organizations in the language industry including the Association of Language Companies (ALC) and American Translators Association (ATA). Learn more at