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TakeCare Announces New Options for Radiology and Imaging Services

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

TakeCare Announces New Options for Radiology and Imaging Services

Effective March 10, 2012, TakeCare Insurance Company has announced it will continue, on an out-of-network basis, to support patients and their primary care doctors when they choose radiology services at Guam Radiology Consultants (GRC). READ MORE

TakeCare Launches Consult A Doctor Service

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

TAMUNING –TakeCare recently launched its Consult A Doctor service for its member patients in Guam. Consult A Doctor is a 24-hour, seven days a week service that connects licensed, local doctors with patients anytime they need a doctor’s advice.

The Guam and nationwide service, now available to TakeCare members through Consult-A-Doctor, an innovator of consumer directed telemedicine, will feature Guam-based doctors familiar with on-island medical options. Through Consult-A-Doctor, Guam physicians are participants in the largest national network of board-certified providers who can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year by patients via telephone or secure e-mail.

“The convenience of knowing that they can talk with licensed physicians who are available anytime of the day, offers our patient-members peace of mind,” said Jeffrey Larsen, TakeCare’s Chief Operating Officer. “Whether at home or traveling — during normal business hours, at night or on weekends — they will be able to talk with a doctor who can answer their questions and give them sound medical advice.”

“We are thrilled that our 24/7 telemedicine services for health plans are going global. Consult A Doctor 24/7 leverages our national network of U.S.-based, board certified physicians, each with an average 10 years of experience, to extend healthcare services beyond traditional boundaries,” said Wolf Shlagman, founder and CEO, Consult A Doctor. “Through the combination of a revolutionary telemedicine technology platform and our investment in the highest quality telemedicine service, we ensure that patients have access to the healthcare they need, anytime, from anywhere while saving time and eliminating unnecessary stress, all which reduce the overall cost of care.”

Patients-members will be able to talk with a doctor immediately for answers to important health and medical questions. If the patient needs a comprehensive diagnostic consultation or a prescription, the appropriate doctor will call back within three hours or the patient can schedule a consultation with the doctor. Sensitive medical issues can also be communicated via secure, discreet, e-mail or video online, at standards compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Users of the service can also access a user-friendly, web-based health portal, where they will be able to request physician consults, update their medical history, browse a library of health topics and use interactive tools to check symptoms.

About TakeCare

TakeCare Insurance Company based in Guam, U.S. A., offers health plans of optimal choice and easy access to the providers consumers want. TakeCare’s health plans effectively cover its 30,000-plus members’ needs at a competitive price with exceptional, member-patient focused services. A seasoned and enduring health insurance company rooted in national standards, with nearly 40 years in the industry, TakeCare upholds the highest standards of excellence for accredited provider networks, patient management expertise, and end-to-end quality control processes.

Established in 1973, FHP has grown to encompass eleven Centers of Medical Care on Guam and Saipan, giving its patients region-wide access to complete medical care. These centers include Urgent Care, Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, Occupational Health, Radiology, ENT, Cancer Center and Surgi-Center as well as a Pharmacy, Dental and Vision Center and Home Health.

Consult A Doctor is the leading innovator of cloud-based telemedicine services and technology platform solutions empowering organizations to lower healthcare costs, provide revolutionary access and improve outcomes. With years of experience delivering direct-to-employer and consumer telemedicine services that offer convenient 24/7 access to doctor consultations by phone, email and video, Consult A Doctor has saved employers millions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs, and added millions of dollars of productivity to the bottom line by helping keep employees at work and healthy. Its telemedicine network of U.S. board certified physicians in all 50 states has made it possible to give on-demand care, anytime, anywhere with access to medically-equivalent care in the lowest cost setting. Consult A Doctor is further transforming the economic equation of care by partnering with payers, providers and other organizations to deploy its telemedicine platform solution that grants its members and patients unmatched access to quality care, offers a new revenue source for providers, and lowers costs for health plans, employers and groups. For more information about Consult A Doctor, please visit

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Tuesday, May 8th, 2012