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    I'm a Provider

    Thank you for being a part of an extensive list of health care providers and specialists servicing our valued TakeCare members.

    With TakeCare, expect healthcare management services that help you meet your professional and institutional goals.

    Interested in becoming a provider in the TakeCare Network? Click here to Join the TakeCare Network

    Join the TakeCare Network

    Credentialing: Contact Medical Management representative Geraldine Diaz at 671-300-7164 to go through our credentialing process.

    CredentialingLetter of Interest/Proposal: Contact Contracting representative Sylvia Duenas at 671-300-7221 showing your interest through a formal proposal.

    CredentialingCredentialing Approval: Once credentials are verified, TakeCare will proceed with the contracting of the provider.

    CredentialingAgreement: Once TakeCare and Provider have come to an agreement, and it is approved by management, the Provider is added to the TakeCare Provider Network.

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