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    Partial Shutdown Furlough Update

    January 22, 2019 - FHP offers shutdown assistance

    January 11, 2019 - Unfortunately, the partial shutdown of the Federal government continues with many of you affected by the lapse in appropriations. On behalf of everyone here at TakeCare, we wanted to reassure you that your FEHB insurance coverage remains in place, without interruption. TakeCare continues to operate as usual to respond to your coverage needs. Our claims and referral processing as well as customer service operations are not impacted by the shutdown.

    During this partial shutdown furlough event, please take note the FHP Health Center on Guam is providing TakeCare-covered federal members with some financial relief by deferring the collection of your office visit cost shares (copay, deductible, coinsurance) upon the signing of a promissory note and repayment agreement. We are hopeful this payment deferral is helpful to you in the short term.

    If you experience a qualifying life event (a birth, a death, a marriage, etc.) to your FEHB coverage, your ability to file an SF 2809 or make a change through your agency's online HR system may be affected during the partial shutdown. Those changes may not be forwarded to us by your agency's payroll office until after the furlough. In the meantime, we've been instructed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to provide coverage by accepting hardcopy SF 2809 forms for new enrollments, changes in plans and/or enrollment when submitted with appropriate documentation for verification. Once the furlough is over, you will still need to submit the SF 2809 to your agency.

    Click here to view OPM’s "Guidance for Shutdown Furloughs" document; the Benefits section starts on page 15. Additional shutdown furlough information is available at

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